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At the end of the financial year, media pundits small and large, suggest now is the time to do the following;

  • Make sure your super is paid (double check)
  • Take a hard look at your numbers. Did you achieve your targets?
  • Review the variance between budget and actuals
  • Use those numbers to readjust your forecasts for the FY ahead
  • Tweak your working business plan (you do have one of those, don’t you?!).

And we agree with them. Now is a great time to do those things.

BUT – not today.  Today, is for reviewing your business – not with a critical eye, but a kind one.

As business owners, we’re told we need to keep up, constantly improve, always strive towards the next thing – and that’s in between all the issues that keep cropping up, oh, and actually doing the work. Yes, we’re a busy, and I’d hazard to say, rather stressed lot with everything we’ve got on our plates.

That’s why we especially need days like today. A day where we can actually celebrate our achievements. Look back over how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved, how you’ve grown (both as a business and a person)

What can you celebrate? How about these;

You’ve made it through another year (with your sanity mostly intact)

Despite the fact that according to many media sources, business owners have it easy, working when they want, paying no tax, etc you and I both know the truth that running a small business can be hard, testing, infuriating, soul destroying and no doubt you’ve had days when you want to take your ball, bat and kit and go home. That’s why a day of celebrating the good stuff really matters.

You’ve helped a customer, client or community solve a problem

It doesn’t matter what your business does – at the end of the day, your business solves someone’s problem. And if you’ve been in business for more than five minutes – you’re obviously doing that well. Remember back to when you first started your business and you weren’t sure you could actually sell anything? Where you’d find clients/customers? How you’d deliver on what you’d sold? Well, now that you have and you’ve helped them along the way – that’s definitely worth celebrating.

You’ve contributed to your local community (and Australia as a whole)

Yes, really. Just by being in business, sending out invoices, paying your bills, hiring service providers or staff members – you’ve put much needed cash into your local economy (and the regional and national ones as well). And that means you’ve helped create jobs for others and paid for the local services we all take for granted. You’ve helped to keep Albury the vibrant community it is. Without business owners like you, the local economy that we all rely on to support our lives and make them more comfortable, would crash and burn.  As a member of the Albury community who relies on your contribution to making this a great place to live, work and play – thank you!

There’s so much for you to celebrate.

We just don’t stop and look kindly on where we’ve come from and how far we’ve come by comparison. Don’t just think in terms of numbers, think of who you’ve helped, how you helped, the good things that help achieved and what you’ve learned along the way. Please don’t be critical – even if it is just for today. No matter what you’ve been through this year, no matter how hard the going has been – there are achievements and moments worth celebrating.

So take yourself away from the office – take your partner (business or life) or favourite staffer, turn your phones off (yes, actually off), buy yourselves your favourite beer, wine, champagne or something else that might toast your success with and maybe some food to go with and enjoy a moment of knowing you’ve ‘done good’.

And then tomorrow, you can do all the things at the top of this blog. If you need help with those, call me. We’d be delighted to help. You can call Kerry on 6023 1700drop us a note or connect with Kerry via LinkedIn.

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